The Science Of Cougar Sex: Why Older Women Lust

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“In other words, despite the girls-gone-wild image of promiscuous college women, it is women in their middle years who are America’s most sexually industrious.”

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Arizona Payday Lenders Leave State After Voters, Legislature Let High-Interest Loans Expire

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That’s crazy. 36% isn’t enough?

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Palin Biography For Kids Aimed At 9- To 12-year-olds

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Total Solar Eclipse This Weekend Visible To Lucky Few

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Total Solar Eclipse This Weekend Visible To Lucky Few.

I’ve always thouht that a really cool way to travel would be to follow eclipses… Honey remember the eclipse of 2010, were we in New Zealand or Argentina that year?

Dear Sarah Palin:

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I would like to take this moment to share with you a few of my thoughts…

Generations upon generations have passed down sexism from mother to daughter, Father to son, Grandparents to grandchildren, strangers to strangers, and many of the combinations in between. As women, we stand today in a world that still struggles to take us seriously. We are paid less and in most situations more is expected of us for less than equal amounts to what one expects from a man. That said, we have fought long and hard for what we have achieved and we have come a long way. I have watched you grow since your Vice Presidential nomination during the 2008 Presidential campaign and I, as a woman,am disheartened.

There is a stereotype that haunts women throughout their personal and professional relationships. That stereotype describes a woman who is willingly ignorant, a woman who cries victim as her first defense, a woman who relies on her flirty winks, smiles, and flips of hair to smooth over her lack of substance, a woman who resorts to petty high school politics to achieve what she feels she deserves, A woman who would rather be given achievement rather than to have earned it on her own, and lastly a woman who believes that strength and power are loud and vicious traits. I mention this stereotype because if I were to judge you by the majority of your actions I would say that this stereotype tends to be your default. While I would not imply that you have not or are unable to break the barriers of this description from time to time, I am offended that you so willingly and so often choose these traits as your first line of defense. As a woman, I feel sorrow for all the reasons that you never learned how to be a better person… a better woman. As women, our powers lie within the substance of our persuasions rather than our abilities to manipulate simply because we know we can. As women, we are uniquely talented at recognizing the nuance in any given situation which gives us vast powers of tolerance. You have gained great power of recognition and yet you have nothing to offer the world. You continue to cut and divide the world around you, leaving little space for a better world as the result of your efforts.

I write this these words to you today to let you know that I see you. You are an example of a woman but you are not the best example and you are quite possibly a glaring example of all the worst traits combined. I write you these words to condemn you and the example that you set for the female world that views you. As a whole, we are better than your limited perception have thus far allowed yourself to see.
Diane DiDonato

Obama offers COOL new “Open Government” tool!

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After 8 years of feeling like the American people had no allotted space in government,
I am happy to say: I think that is super cool!

Follow the above link: If you click on the “citizens briefing book” option on the intro page and sign up for a free account you can submit your ideas for the new administration. If you just want to browse, you don’t have to sign up. So far there are thousands of ideas submitted by Americans from every part of the globe and from every profession. Once you’ve logged in, you have several options: you can vote on the ideas that other people have submitted by voting up or down according to what you like or dislike, you can submit your own ideas to be voted up or down by others in the community, or you can abstain from voting and still comment on others submissions. The site constantly updates and you can browse the ideas by subject or by popularity. Following the inauguration, the ideas will be compiled and presented to the newly elected President… MR. OBAMA!!! YAY!!!

Obviously, since my coping mechanism was to spend the last year of the Bush administration writing a mammoth open letter to government, I find this new option WAY exciting! Being the obsessive individual that I am, I have submitted just about every idea that I discussed in my letter. I’ve been such a geek about the whole process… it been fun to read peoples comments and vote on other ideas. It’s the dialogue I had hoped for when I wrote the letter initially. In fact, some of my ideas are so unappealing to people that, they now have a -70 rating. (because each vote is worth 10pts, if your thought gets voted down to zero and another individual disagrees with your idea— that person’s vote puts you in negative territory) I think it’s really cool—great dialogue with great possibilities.

I would love to see more tools like this implemented as we move forward into this new chapter of government. Try it out… you will like it.
For now, I am going to assume that the direction this new administration has chosen is honorable in their intent and in their ability to offer good will, transparency, and openness until they give me reason to feel otherwise—In fact I am giddy with with the desire to participate.

Next week I am headed to DC for the inauguration. I don’t have tickets to anything, so I don’t have high expectations that I will get to see much of the actual inauguration. My plan is to document the landscape of people who traveled to DC for this crazy historic moment—which will of course lead to thousands of photos if all goes well. Lets hope that the cold doesn’t cripple my motivation 🙂


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5 years have passed since the beginning of the Iraq war, 7 years have passed since the beginning of the Afghanistan war, we have recently witnessed the foothills of failings in our financial institutions, it has been 7 years since 9/11, we have lost 4,168 brave soldiers to war, and an additional 30,634 have been wounded in battle.

I would like to commemorate the passing of these events with an act of Democracy.

Below you will find the first page of an enormous “open letter” to government that I have written titled “War Is My Concern, but it is Not My Only Concern” My intent is to inspire a global conversation between myself and anyone who might take the time to read my letter —though initially, the intended audience for this letter were the government officials in office and those who aspire to take office in the future. I am happy to share it more broadly now. Perhaps you too will become a part of my conversation with government. I believe that the voices of the people can drive the evolution of our Democracy and I think our Democracy is screaming for direction.

What I ask of you, is not that you agree with me but that you know whether or not you disagree. The 2008 election is 4 weeks away and we cannot afford to be uninformed. The course of this election will change our lives and the lives of the global community. I further ask that you forward this e-mail to as many people as you see fit—even if it you only forward it to one person and ask them to do the same.

Thank you so much for participating.

Diane DaCruz-DiDonato

You can find the on-line version of this letter at:

OR you can send an email to:

I will gladly send the viral e-mail complete with PDF attachment.

(Page 1 of 77)

“To whom this may concern:

I cannot write to you on behalf of “we the people.” I am one-person -one small vessel in the many of “we.” I write to you now, in this tumultuous time, because my future cannot forego the price of looking the other way.

On behalf of myself, the ones that I love, and any person in my future that might look to me for explanations: I write this letter to address any and all candidates vying for the presidency of 2008, to all current state and federal officials elected or appointed, to all state and federal officials to be elected or appointed, and to all current and future members of Congress.

My name is Diane. Who I am is irrelevant. I don’t have money, no one knows me, and I can’t offer space or favors. I am a U.S. citizen. I write to you because I love my country. I write this letter because I’ve not met one person who thought this letter could make a difference—not one person who still believes that we live in a society where individual voices dictate change. I write this letter not as a Republican or a Democrat. I write this letter as an American. My bias lies solely in the lap of Democracy. I was raised to believe that America upholds Democracy—a Democracy that elevates the lives of its constituents by distributing equal opportunities amongst the masses—a Democracy that works for the people rather than against the people. I was raised to believe that America upholds a value system that inspires and encourages the human spirit to thrive. What I see today contradicts the values of the founding fathers. I believe that it is my responsibility as an American citizen to give voice to what I see because I see Democracy failing.

I write to you because I see a new version of Democracy emerging that has forgotten the people and that is NOT acceptable. In the 2008 Presidential election, I hear the word “change” being tossed around like a political football from one candidate to another. I don’t want “change.” I NEED restoration. I love our constitution and I would like to see you, who we have elected, do your job. You were hired by the people to protect that, which the founding fathers considered sacred—the United States Constitution. I don’t need any of you to be right or wrong about how we got here. I NEED a plan for how best to implement the restoration of our constitution. Restore the checks and balances that made our country the leading world power that it is. Partisan politics are no longer acceptable. The American people hire government officials to advocate on their behalf and, above all, for their benefit. I write this letter to let you know that I expect every one of you to do your job. Consider this letter a job review as well as an official notice that we might just have to let you go.”